Laabar Food BV
Since 2001, Laabar Food B.V. imports and distributes a wide variety of foods from many countries. On this site you will find our products we sell to wholesalers throughout Western-Europe. Our extensive experience in importing and selecting food products allows us to offer our customers the best.

We like to invite you to browse our website for our fine products.

Laabar Food B.V. imports  and distributes the following food brands exclusively:
2010 Laabar Food BV
A complete range of high quality cream biscuits in a variety of flavours:
Banana, Strawberry, Custard, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut, Lemon and Orange. 
Date bar, Fig Bar and Maamoul.
Quality biscuits from Saudi-Arabia, known for its excellent taste:
Mayadi (biscuits)
Gofret (Biscuits)
Our popular assortment of fine drinks, produced in the United Arab Emirates.
A fine selection of refreshing drinks, produced in the United Arab emirates
We also import many other products such as rice (Pakistan Basmati) , thea, dates, peanuts, etc.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and/or inquiries
Deemah (biscuits and wafers)
Al-Otair (biscuits)
Original (juices and drinks)
Star (juices and drinks)
Groothandelsmarkt 234
3044 HH  Rotterdam
Phone: +31(0)180 412656
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